You get from Catania, Avola, Rosolini to the SS 115.
At the entrance to the town of Ispica, I will guide you to Via S. Ilarione 40.

At the first turnabout take the first exit and drive around 900m uphill to the next turnabout.
Turn right onto the first street, still going uphill.
Go straight on and turn left onto the third street, around 80m into Via Ciano - straight on XX Settembre until you reach a bank.
Turn left and drive around 80m. Turn right at the big crossroad into Corso Garibaldi.
Still going straight and uphill to Via Ispica.

Go straight for 150m and turn right onto the second street. Left and right is Via S. Ilarione.
Turn right and you can see you our holiday flats with the house number 40.

Welcome to Casa Sissi & Casa Mara!